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COVID-19 Check-In Procedures

In support of the nation’s efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 we are changing how we check computers in for repair. We are closing our stores to visitors and instead conducting a Contactless Curbside Drop-Off and Pick-Up. As much as we enjoy socializing and spending time with our customers at the front counter , we are changing our procedures for your safety and the safety of our employees.

We realize the impact this has to you and our employees, but for the time being this is the best way to minimize exposure to our customers and our employees.

All Check-Ins will be done by a Web Portal. Here are the steps to Check-In a Computer for Repair.

  1. Give the appropriate store a call for Openings for Scheduled Drop Off Times. North Spokane 509-242-3212  Spokane Valley 509-315-9492
  2. Proceed to the Web Check-In Form.
  3. Fill Out all Information in the Form, Accept the Terms & Conditions, and sign with your mouse or finger.
  4. Once you have Submitted the Form we will contact you by the phone number you submitted. We will then take payment for the deposit and confirm a scheduled time for you to drop off your computer. We are accepting payment by debit and credit cards over the phone only at this time. No checks or cash.
  5. At the scheduled time we will meet you out front of our store and pick-up your computer, with as little contact as possible.
  6. Repairs will be done on your computer and all contact will be made via phone. 
  7. Once the repair is complete we will contact you by phone, take payment for any balance due, and schedule an appointment time for you to pick up outside our stores.
  8. We will meet you at the scheduled time to deliver your completed computer to you.
  9. All correspondence will take by phone and email at this time.

Click here to Check-In

We look forward to re-opening our stores and serving you in-person soon.