Do you know what signs to look for that indicate that it’s time to repair your computer? No? Don’t worry because we’ve created this guide which explains 5 common signs that your PC needs to be repaired. Hopefully, once you read this article, you’ll be more aware of the problems when they’re small and easy to fix!

It’s Time to Repair Your Computer

Computers are at the center of everything we do for both home and business purposes. For that reason, desktop and laptop devices have over a 75% ownership rate among all people in the United States of America.

Owning a computer or laptop device comes with the need for regular maintenance. If you’re not sure your computer is performing as well as it should be, it may be time to repair your computer to get it back up to speed and ensure you’re able to use your device safely.

Below, our team has compiled 5 signs that it might be time to bring your computer in to see a professional.

1. Frequent Software Crashes

If you’re running applications regularly, whether it be Skype, video editing software or a web browser and you’re noticing frequent freezes or full-on crashes, it’s probably time to repair your computer.

Application crashes can be a sign of a few different things. Hardware failure such as faulty ram can be at fault or even a computer virus could be at the root of the issue.

2. Loud Fans

If your computer is running more noisily than usual, that’s a bad sign. Typically, the noisiest component in a computer will be the fan.

If you’re noticing that your fan is working too hard to push out hot air or if there’s a grinding sound emanating from your machine, we recommend shutting down your device and getting it to a professional.

Grinding could be a sign of a broken fan blade or a faulty motor. Also, if your fan is working overtime, it could be a result of dust build up in your machine that could lead to overheating.

3. Broken or Inconsistent Hardware

When you plug devices into your USB outlets do you need to blow on them, restart your computer, or plug things in multiple times before they work? Does your hard drive require multiple restarts before it boots into windows?

If you’re experiencing those issues or any other hardware related problems, you’ll want to repair your computer before the issue progresses to the point of being beyond repair.

4. Your Laptop/Desktop is Hot to the Touch

While computers, especially laptop computers, can run warm, they shouldn’t be so hot that they’re uncomfortable to touch. If yours is, you’ll want to power down and find a professional to diagnose and fix the issue.

Hot computers can cause irreparable damage to your computer’s CPU, motherboard, and other costly hardware components.

5. Your Computer is Just Plain Slow

There’s nothing better than opening up a brand new computer and watching it sail through completing all of your everyday tasks. Over time though, computers get blocked up with internal junk and they slow down.

To get your computer back to peak performance, a qualified computer repair professional can implement both hardware and software solutions that will get you back to up to speed!

Wrapping Up Signs That It’s Time to Repair Your Computer

There are a number of reasons why your computer might need to be checked out by a pro. If you’re noticing any of the problems we’ve outlined above or something we didn’t mention that strikes you as weird, you’re going to want to repair your computer.

To that end, if you’re in the Spokane Valley or North Spokane area, we can help. Our team of world-class computer professionals help both corporate and residential customers get the most value out of their machines with cost-effective repair and maintenance solutions.

Let us use our expertise to get you up to speed.

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